That Awkward Moment

So there’s that moment after you’ve had sex with someone for the first time, and someone gets out of bed to put their clothes on, or make breakfast, and you really see each other naked for the first time. See their real nudity in a non-sexual context, without the filter of lust or passion.

There was a nice boy I had sex with one time, we knew from the start it was just for fun. And it was. When he got up to put his clothes on and  go back to his place, he said “Want to see something?”

I was more surprised I think than I should have been, but it seemed like such unusual timing for a question like that.

“Umm… sure?”

He climbed up, still naked, on to a low dresser. The ceilings were high, so he had plenty of room. He held his underwear dramatically out in front of him, paused, then he jumped. His legs went right into the legs of his underwear, in midair, and then he landed.

I paused for a second and started laughing hysterically. He had a big stupid grin on his face, and it was a perfect moment.

First, it was beautiful, his lithe naked body jumping. Second, there was an element of danger, if he caught a toe or mistimed, he’d land in crashing heap. Third, it was gut-bustingly, belly-laughing funny.

I always meant to learn the trick myself, but then I never even tried.