I discovered this website accidentally, and decided to take over where someone else left off. I won’t name you, but if you ever read this, you are a beautiful person.

I’m going to use a mixture of your words and my own to go on. I think that is only fitting.

binge-watcher of television // hugger of trees // chaser of big dreams // prefers life in caps lock

We spend the majority of our time talking about television, running, movies, Harry Potter, Ben Affleck, and music. Mostly in that order.

Although I’ve moved on from Harry Potter.

When she isn’t watching everything on tv, she can typically be found running through her neighborhood or burying her nose in a new book. A notorious dreamer of big dreams, she strongly believes in living life on her own terms.

She speaks fluent hyperbole and hates talking about herself in the third person.

She likes to pretend she is best friends with Grace Helbig and Rembert Browne. They go to brunch every weekend and laugh at each other’s jokes and have the best time. Obvi you’re invited.

She dreams of writing and this blog is her creative outlet to experiment. She writes of everything and nothing all at once.

I would be sad if I lost the journals I kept when I was younger, which is what happens when a blog gets discarded. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve dusted it off, and will start writing on the pages in the back.

Is it a sunrise or a sunset? Sometimes it is impossible to tell. This blog keeps flying.